Syllabus Overview

Property Management: This course shall include, but is not limited to: Leases, leasing properties, types of properties, marketing, state and federal laws, etc.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:
01.        Understand the field of property management.
02.        Understand leases, and how they are used in the property management fields.
03.        Compare and contrast different forms associated with the property management field.
04.        Discuss the different types of properties in need of property managers.
05.        Successfully market themselves as property managers.
06.        Successfully market properties.
07.        Assess if the use of a form is within the Real Estate Commission rules for use of forms.
08.        Use correct forms for a given scenario; fill in the correct forms for a given scenario.

Course Outlines

01.        Professional Property Management
02.        Property Management Economics and Planning
03.        Owner Relations
04.        Marketing
05.        Leases
06.        Lease Negotiations
07.        Tenant Relations
08.        Maintenance and Construction
09.        Managing the Office and Reports
10.        Federal and Real Estate Laws
11.        Residential Property
12.        Specialized Housing
13.        Office Property
14.        Retail Property
15.        Industrial Property
16.        Risk and Environmental Issus
17.        Life Safety Issues