陈在德,《国际潜能学院》(Unlimited Power Academy) 创办人兼国际顶级总裁演说家,大马行销第一人,大马公众演说销售记录保持人,总裁顾问,总裁品牌行销策略顾问,总裁NAC身心灵顾问,总裁营销赢利顾问,教育顾问,顶级说服力讲师顾问。




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Inspire People for Doing and Being More

As the main idea of the motivational speaking goes, people at Zaide’s events feel empowered, inspired and renewed with the energy and are ready to do and achieve more!

Help You Transit Through Rough Times

All of us face tough times at some point in our life... While some people are able to go through it all by themselves, many of us need some helping hand and some friendly shoulder...

Make People Kinder Towards Each Other

Mutual kindness is the most fundamental thing not just in any healing process, but also in our functioning as a society, as groups of people and ultimately as individuals as well!

Inspiring Feedback