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Being a highly acclaimed life motivational speaker for over a decade, Chen Zaide has more than 12 books already under his belt and he’s working on 2 more as of now!

1-on-1 Coaching

This type of motivational coaching is by far the most effective one! Still, due to a lot of bookings, there's currently a waiting list in order to get to the meeting


Yearly Chen Zaide goes out to an average of 100 speaking events! That's an average of 1 every 3 days, each accommodating more than 5000 people! Thousands of people cannot be wrong!

Podcasts & Audio Books

All of Zaide’s speaking events, just as well as his audio books and exclusive podcast series are available here, up for a purchase to make your life better!


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About Chen Zaide

<<销售天王实战班>>,现场学员们在三日的课程内成功销售了六十万马币的产品,创下了马来西亚销售激励课程空前的纪录!这显示了大马行销第一人:陈在德 老师的非凡功力!




生我、育我、照顾我的伟大的爸爸陈树基、妈妈林雪华, 东马美里的吴祯世老板, 学员Purlyn刘于祯, 以及一切众生、所有国际潜能学院的学员们, 感恩大家, 是伟大的, 您的出现成就了我! 才有这本智慧大全的诞生! 在德深深的感恩、感激、感谢、感谢再感谢您!

Amazing Client Stories


Luxury Cars' Dealer 豪华车经销商

"My very personal touch for Today's seminar? Is to widen up our greatest wisdom. And in this whole seminar listening experience, the speaker "Chen Zaide" also managed to drive our "Inner Most Heart", to perceive things in an extensive view." "今天过程给我感受呢? 就是开我们的大智慧。也是可以讲是这一次的过程呢,也可以给到我们的心灵, 可以讲是看到更远的路。"


Stock Market Analyst 股市分析师

Frankly speaking, in fact today's my very 1st attempt in attending Chen Zaide's workshop. I am an average person, and I do think I have my own wisdom, but, I dont have my way for my own wisdom to have a big break through. And that is way I am here today, a listening ear to go more in depth, to study from the pioneer speaker - "Mr. Chen Zaide" teacher. "其实今天我是第一次来听这一个陈在德老师的课程的。我是一个普通人, 但是, 我觉得我有智慧, 但是我不会开智慧。所以我今天来听课, 来学习。"

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Kuala Lumpur - MOU - Pollywood S/B & CSR World Green S/B

In the hope that the new R&D technology can fulfil the conservation of the earth’s environment and save more energy in part of the contribution to the present energy crisis. CSR World Green Chief Executive Officer Sean Goh said that he wished to enhance the quality of green life, and bringing the forest home literally.

An Enchanting Change - A Prestigious Night

华丽转身 - 一个声望的夜晚

Setia Alam Conventional Hall

On 16th April, 2017, Mr. Chen Zaide (Dean of School), together with Polly Academy successfully held the first [Wisdom Opening in Sale] half day course!


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